Unleash Single Button Footswitch



Much more than an attenuator... It's a re-amplifier!

As a working guitarist himself, company owner John Thompson knew that he was not alone in the need for a device that would allow him to play any gig at any volume through any wattage tube guitar amp. He also wanted to build something for guitarists that would enable them to rehearse, record or go direct on stage without a speaker if needed. And like most gigging guitarists, John thought it would be useful to have an external unit that added a lead boost and an effects loop to any amp...  but of course he wanted all of these functions in one small lightweight enclosure. Since there was nothing even remotely close to this Swiss army knife of solutions on the market he started from scratch. Two years, four engineers and a team of beta-testing pros later the ultimate re-amplifier/attenuator for the working guitarist was born. 


The Unleash V2 converts the high voltage speaker output of any guitar amplifier up to 100 watts into a line level signal, sends it to our proprietary reactive load circuit that responds like a speaker and then into an ultra-transparent class D amplifier which allows any wattage amplifier to be adjusted between 1-100 watts without any change in dynamics or tone.

The re-amplified signal may then be sent through external speaker cabinets, the internal speaker(s) in a combo, and direct out to headphones or a recording console/ PA. Our reactive load on the input replicates the response of a loudspeaker to allow for safe silent operation when the silent switch is engaged or when no speakers are attached. The line out offers convincing speaker simulation into a PA, recording console or headphones.

The Unleash V2 also adds the following features to any guitar amp: two foot-switchable channels for rhythm and lead levels, dual speaker outputs to mix and match 4, 8 or 16 ohm speaker cabinets and a post-power-tube effects loop for pristine reverb, delays and modulation. 


  • Two foot-switchable channels

  • Effects Loop

  • Reactive Load Input (patent pending). Pushes back like a real speaker so tube amps behave naturally and don't experience the strain of common load boxes and attenuators.

  • Adjustable input impedance for 4, 8, 16 ohm guitar amplifiers

  • Two speaker outputs with variable impedance to pair 4, 8, or 16 ohm loads

  • Speaker phase switch

  • Silent operation switch

  • Error-proof circuit protection to guard against improper cable connection

  • 1/4" line out and headphone jack with "Bad Cat Celestion" speaker simulation

  • 1 to 100 watt output


  • Re-amplify a low wattage amp into a 1-100 watt amp

  • Attenuate a high wattage amp into a 1-100 watt amp

  • Dial in the sweet spot on your tube amp at any volume while retaining tone and feel

  • Run the master volume on your guitar amp wide open to maximize power tube harmonics

  • Add foot-switchable rhythm & lead master levels to your amp

  • Add an effects loop to your amp

  • Turn a combo into a wet-dry rig by running 100% wet effects to an extension cab

  • Safely use any tube amp at any gain level without a speaker

  • Gig, record, or practice silently using the line out with speaker simulation

  • Use the line out to a console in conjunction with your amplifier speaker adjusted to stage monitor level

  • Cover a gig with just a head direct into the PA and sound like your playing through a mic'ed up cab


Unleash V2 Operating Manual

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